Thursday, June 23, 2016


Don't compare Orange County real estate prices with other points of suburbia. It's not a fair comparison anymore. As more cities in Orange County grow urban, both in their appeal to the millenials, who aspire to live a lifestyle, and a cities density of housing for both tract single-family, and upward with condos and own your owns, Orange County is a metropolis, an end destination in itself, with still broad appeal for its closeness to L.A. (jobs), beaches, mountains, deserts, and airports. All of this spells a strong housing market with access to high level jobs and incomes, even as the county must come to grips with its need for affordable housing. Also, housing isn't the only game in town; almost 2.8 million square feet of commercial real estate is on the books, in all categories. Not only will this continue to support a strong construction job sector, but it also supports all the soft economies that grow with it from furniture to computers, to electrical engineering to HR and headhunting services, with everything in between. No wonder short inventories in most cities continue to plague the local real estate agent. In fact, commercial building is up 461% from the winter quarter of 2015 and we are sitting with the most on order since 2007. Housing will have a hard time staying up with that demand. Heed this advice, however: Interest rates rising, whenever they do, and this column will not attempt to predict that, but when that happens and it hits a full percentage point, there will be no choice but for the market to accept a correction, simply because the buyers qualification ratios will decline as rates rise. They simply won't qualify for as big a loan. Sellers who really need to sell, may find themselves adjusting. And that's not a bad thing. We must continue to bridge the gap of affordability as best we can in a very competitive housing market. Read on for what the experts are seeing...


Experienced Probate Realtor

Probate is the legal process of administering the estate of a deceased person by resolving all claims and distributing the deceased person’s real and personal property under the valid will.

Probate generally last several months and often times over a year for all property to be distributed.

Disposing of real property in a probate requires the Realtor to understand what probate is, and to be sure to market the property in the best interest of the estate following procedures set down by the court. The Realtor also needs to be mindful of the role as agent only for the estate and not become entangled in any legal issues or disputes between the heirs. Keeping notes, documenting marking efforts and being able to show the property was exposed to all interest parties at times is critical should things get contentious.

I often see probate properties treated as normal sales and they are not. Posting a property as pending or back-up in the MLS, installing a “SOLD” sign prior to court approval, not posting a court date for properties subject to overbidding are just a few of the errors made that can cause the estate lost dollars and maybe even more importantly court delays. The agents duty is to the estate only, not to a buyer, beneficiary, creditor etc.

To avoid probate we all should consider having a family trust. However if your only option is probate, the attorneys and administrators need to work with Realtors with verifiable probate sales experience and referrals. Please call me if you need a referral to an attorney to set up a trust or if you need and experienced probate Realtor.

Experienced Short Sale Agents

If you or someone you know is having mortgage problems, give us a call. We can tell you about all your options.